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“Prohibition Bakery,” Because I Like Manhattan Too

Here’s the full version of my film that screened on Thursday night, and while it is not officially a Brooklynography production (since Prohibition Bakery is in Manhattan on the Lower East Side, gasp!) the girls behind this business are still awesome because they make a fine, fine product with lots of love and care. Plus, it just might get ya drunk.


The New York Food Film Festival Is Back!

The New York Food Film Festival is back again for 2013! Events begin tonight, with the fest’s full schedule to be found here. This year, my film “Prohibition Bakery,” about Brooke & Leslie and their wonderful boozy cupcakes, will be screening on Thursday’s “Edible Adventure” event, and while it’s about (gasp!) a bakery located in Manhattan, I still felt it was worth sharing. And I’ll be giving away a FREE ticket to the event today! All you have to do is follow @bklynography and tweet at me with your favorite new food item or restaurant in Brooklyn this year for a chance to win! Ticket value is $85 at full price!

Read on to see the other film I submitted, which was tragically rejected from the festival…

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Your Guide to Outside: Drinking

Or, Best Places to Get Sloshed When the Weather is Nice.

Summer’s come early to the land of beer & cheese, which is what I’ll be calling Brooklyn from now on. Is some other place already called that? Oh well. It’s time for longer days and summer fridays, or just plain skipping work altogether. Round up your friends for some rounds and hit these spots for sunshine and breezes and hanging out with dogs.

High Dive – Park Slope

High Dive is a great, solid, regular old bar kind of bar, with good music, and ample space, and the FREE popcorn is perfect for the cheap-asses among us (you know who you are.) When you don’t know what you want or aren’t sure where to go, High Dive is pretty much a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. They’ve got board games (even if most of them are missing pieces)! Plus, Pork Slope is like next door.

Zombie Hut – Carroll Gardens

Cheap-ass $5 tropical drinks, flaming bowls of booze to share, FREEEEEE Goldfish crackers, and a great big backyard. The crowd can be a little fratty/B&T at times, so make sure you bring your own crew of friends so you don’t have to talk to these awful people.

Mission Dolores – Gowanus

An wonderful selection of craft beers with a descriptive menu to walk you through them, Mission Dolores is like an urban oasis. While there’s no green space, the open interior means it’s basically outside, and this place is super dog-friendly. (Superdogs are also welcome.) Not to mention, you can bring in your own food or get delivery from a number of great places nearby (Oaxaca taco anyone?)

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