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Four & Twenty Blackbirds: It’s Pie Time

Do you like pie? Of course you do!!! Unless you are absolutely, irreparably, bat-shit crazy! Which I hope you are not. Please don’t kill me.

When you need to satisfy your murderous (yet entirely sane) craving for delicious pie, you need to go to Four & Twenty Blackbirds. Located in Gowanus (what is this?!?) this shop is yet another example of the sort of business that will hopefully pull this industrial wasteland right out of the proverbial dumpster.

Owned by Emily and Melissa Elsen, the shop opened in 2010, and based on my visits there, is doing very well! It always seems to be filled with smiling, creepily-happy types, but maybe that’s just what pie does to people. In addition to a selection of various seasonal pies, Four & Twenty offers coffee drinks, soups, salads & other baked treats etc etc. And the decor is just the cuuuuuuutest.

‘Twas a bright & sunny May Sunday when I last visited Four & Twenty Blackbirds with my gentleman love (ew I just gagged a little bit writing that) and we stopped in for a treat to enjoy in Prospect Park. Did I mention that the ladies who work here are super nice? They are. One of them insisted that I get whipped cream with the pie, which I was hesitant to do since we’d be traveling with it. But what the hell, right?! After all, you only eat pie every time you feel like going out to eat pie!

And nothing says “springtime” like pie in the park. Park pie. Well a lot of things say springtime more than that, but fuck it. It was fucking pie time. We ordered a slice of the Strawberry Balsamic pie, and a Rosemary Garlic Scone, then hustled over to the park to save the whipped cream from the warming day.

You are probably looking at that bite of pie and thinking, “What’re you kidding me????!” And no I’m not kidding you!! That pie was unbelievably good, and the whipped cream had such integrity that it laughed in the face of the 70-degree weather. It was unaffected! And the savory scone, which reminded me more of a biscuit, was equally fucking awesome. This entire experience made me want to weep and toss my Kitchen-Aid out of my third-story window, as I’d never be able to match the wonderfulness of these treats. Okay that was hyperbole but seriously try this stuff.

Now that you’d kill your own mother to go eat pie at Four & Twenty Blackbirds, I will offer you this helpful tip:

Oh no! The dreaded “Cash Only!” sign! Be prepared everyone. And, one more word of wisdom: try to get there early – the best and most exciting pies definitely sell out before the end of the day. And there is no more despair-inducing scenario than having high, up-in-the-sky, apple-pie hopes reduced to pie-less disappointment.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds
439 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215
Corner of 8th St & 3rd Avenue
Park Slope / Gowanus
T (718) 499 2917

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